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Eden Bleu Hotel, Seychelles
BlueInvest Africa 2022
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Open until 16 March 2022


In light of the ongoing Coronavirus developments, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the event to September 2022.  

Rescheduling the event will enable us to provide the experience that our participants and partners expect and deserve, in a safe environment. 

See you in September!

Call for pitchers is now closed.

We have received so many applications! 
Thank you!

Welcome to BlueInvest Africa


BlueInvest Africa event

September 2022

“Behind the Doors” event

September 2022

 (For investors, upon invitation only)


Republic of Seychelles, Mahe island, Eden Bleu Hotel.

BlueInvest Africa will take place in Seychelles! A leading country in the development of the blue economy.




The Blue Economy

The blue economy is a very broad concept that encompasses all maritime activities and sectors, both traditional—like fisheries—and emerging—like blue biotechnology—, whether they are based in the marine environment (e.g. shipping, energy generation) or on land (e.g. coastal tourism, ports, land-based aquaculture). If compared to a national economy, the global blue economy would be the seventh-largest in the world, providing millions of direct jobs and generating significant revenues.

The potential of the blue economy is huge. If put on a sustainable path, the blue economy can become a font of actions and ideas creating innovation, protecting natural resources and supporting a fast and lasting recovery from the pandemic.

    Africa and Europe

    The event results from a partnership between the European Union and this African country that has put the blue economy at the core of its development.

    Both Africa and Europe have identified the blue economy as a key sector to develop their socio-economic aspirations and achieve the different goals of the 2030 Agenda, notably SDG 14 (Life below water).

    This event will be in line with the principles of EU-Africa cooperation, as defined inter alia at the occasion of the forthcoming EU-African Union Summit. Those principles rely on addressing the needs of the African population not just in terms of food security but also on sustainable development and growing economic opportunities available to all.

    For whom?

    The registered African start-up business companies

    already operating in the various sub-sectors of the blue economy.

    The African Small Micro and Medium-sized businesses (SMMEs)

    not yet officially established in an African country but bearing an innovative idea subject to further commercial development within the African market.

    Public and private investors interested in blue economy sectors in Africa.


    BlueInvest Africa will provide an opportunity to put forward the African know-how and local skills, business projects and initiatives.

    The event will be a meeting and exchange point for investment parties, pooled across Europe and Africa, with innovators and entrepreneurs, small-scale businesses and start-ups operating in Africa with the common interest to generate concrete business opportunities, develop sustainable products and services in the blue economy sectors.

    Matchmaking between investors and entrepreneurs, in the form of pitching sessions, will be at the core of the event. 

    We will provide for:

    Start-up companies and SMMEs
    • A unique opportunity to meet other African project holders and SMMEs engaged in blue actions;
    • A platform for receiving direct advices from several captains of industry operating in Africa;
    • Several side-events on access to financing; award for pitchers; direct contacts with development banks and other financial institutions;
    • Coaching and mentoring sessions, networking at large;

    • Company publicly named and advertised by the event organiser in the blue business;
    • Business opportunities to invest in blue economic projects for sustainable livelihoods;
    • A unique event for appraising the climate of African business;
    • A direct access to the African countries which already geared up their blue business agenda;
    • European and African entrepreneurs for joint future business opportunities.


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